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Our Team

Devoted to interior design

The 3rd Floor Store Team is made up of professional people from different career backgrounds – sales, branding, marketing, education, corporate administration, and of course, interior design.

Our team believes in good service, great interior design and hard work. We believe in helping people. We believe in happy customers, good prices and success. Have fun shopping with us!

Our Story Starts At Home

Sometimes new customers visiting our consignment store in Richmond VA are surprised to find us on the first floor with parking at the front door.  People always ask why are we named 3rd Floor Store Consignment. We wanted to come up with an original name with a story. We wanted something that would stand our on the RVA scene – something FRESH! 

And so our story goes like this…

People have treasures – they accumulate lots of them! Things too good to discard are often found on the third floor, or as some people call it, the attic.

And so it goes with the owner of our cozy shop located on Gaskins Road.  The owner’s family loves to ‘shop’ her ‘third floor’ to find treasures and unique boutique items that have been accumulated over the years from family and friends. The third floor is where she keeps furniture, accessories, handbags, jewelry and other unique one-of-a-kind items passed over and passed on.

The saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” But, there never seemed to be any trash. So, she thought, “What better way to help our community and have fun doing it. We can pass on heirlooms that are WAY too good to throw away. Let’s open the best consignment shop in Richmond VA!”

So she did just that. 3rd Floor Store Consignment opened in 2011 as the ‘3rd Floor Store’ to serve Richmond shoppers looking for the same thing – high quality home furnishings and unique boutique items you can’t find anymore.

Popularity in consigning and consignment shopping speaks to new trends. People want exceptional interiors at the best price, and they want the best quality brands. You can find handmade furniture to original art and photography from local and national artisans – and unlike other consignment shops in Richmond, Midlothian, Henrico, Carytown and other parts of Virginia, you often get the story behind the treasure. It only makes your new find all the more valuable.

We understand what consumers want at 3rd Floor Store Consignment. We love eclectic rooms and unique décor that reflect imagination. So, we cater to it all – traditional, contemporary, antique and shabby chic. If it is fun, funky, or fancy, we love it!

Have fun shopping with us!

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